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Alternative Blood Transfusion options

I recently was posting on the fabulous group I am part of on Facebook called the Lupus Warriors. If you are not a member you should check them out on the link below. Another link I recommend is going to help those of you who have doctors concerned about your need to have a transfusion. Most people are not aware that taking in the blood of another person is actually very dangerous, not to mention unnatural to your system. Your body already thinks you are the enemy. Why add another enemy into the mix? That is what the foreign blood is, a new enemy. You heal faster and can get out of the hospital the same day if not the day after in most cases. There is nothing but pluses for those who refuse blood. I wanted to share the following link that will provide you with alternatives you can discuss with your doctor. It is important to discuss them now so that when the time comes you have your wishes in place.