A very Lupie day

Besides accidentally posting to one blog what I meant to post to the other, my day is officially a very Lupie day. We all have those days in which it feels like nothing we do was right. Or that we are just too fatigued to make anything happen that day. Strange symptoms combined with the fatigue just pushes us over the edge. For days like this, I am glad no one else was around. For the days we go through this funk but are surrounded by others, we should just wear a shirt or pin that clearly states that today is declared a do-over.

I know you Lupies feel me on this. Even now I am wanting to scratch at my face, check to see if there is something crawling on my arm, and I’m meditating the idea of taking extra Prednisone because I feel so badly and my head hurt from the word “Go.” Days like this you want to give up and just go back to bed. Some of you do, and no one wise would judge you for it. I’m sure I would have too today if not for the pain in my head, neck, and hip. It is just a “You can’t win this, so give up” days.

Yet, we don’t give up, do we? Even the Lupus Warrior who climbed back into bed is not really giving up. There are times I have seriously wanted to just die. Namely the days I have Lupus Migraines. (Calling them headaches is a joke and an insult.) Still, we carry on. Why? We know that tomorrow will be a better day. Somehow, some way, we just know that it will be.

For me, the absolute knowledge that one day I will never feel like this again is enough to keep me going. No, I’m not talking about modern science curing us, though that would be great. I’m talking about my personal beliefs. I believe in God. Scriptures like Revelations 21:3,4 keep me hoping. I have faith that I will one day be well, even if I have to wait for the resurrection to be free of my illness.

To each their own. Some of you may cling to tomorrow not so much because you believe it will be better. You do it because you know there are little ones counting on you. You do it because you know how your life is important to others.

Those of you who do not have a faith or a motivation, whom feel alone and even unloved, know that you are wrong. We love you. We care about you. We want you to get through today and tomorrow. I mentioned before about the importance of joining together with others who know your pains. I hope that each of you have taken the chance to reach out and join a site, a group, or a forum that allows you to be able to talk with other Lupies.

When we are surrounded by those who understand us, even if they live in other countries or places, then we are giving ourselves the gift of hope. The wonderful and open people that you encounter will help you with your questions and worries. They will say prayers and just share their love with you.

I often comment on the forums and such that I am party to. It lets others know that I am here and that I am listening if they should need me. I don’t always post much, but just knowing one other person is thing about you makes a world of difference in your life.

If you are having a lupie day, or a Lupie Life for that matter, I want you to reach out to another Lupus Patient and tell them you care. There is more joy in giving than there is in receiving.

Questions, scriptures, or suggested sites are welcome.




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