Healthy at home eating -Free Recipes

The trouble at times with finding recipes online is that you are not sure if it will taste as good as it looks. Sure, it says you just reduced your sugar intake, that it’s Gluten Free even, but does that mean it’s good?

You are not alone in this battle. You want to make sure whatever you spend your precious spoons (energy) on that it will be worth it. Moreover, if you have a family you need to be sure they will be willing to eat it too. That’s why I’ve been doing my homework.

I found a great wordpress user who features some tasty options to healthy foods your family will actually eat. I also found a few great sites I wanted to share with you. So this post is about YOU, your wallet, because I believe in saving whilest I shop, and your happy digestion.

On that note, I wanted to share a tip with you that I am also sharing with my readers on my other blog:

For a gluten free alternative to tums use: One teaspoon baking soda (GF) in a cup of warm to hot water (don’t burn yourself) with several lemons. It sooths your tummy and helps take care of any unease you may have due to what you may have eaten. The only time this does not work is if you out and out at something bad, poisoned, or not gluten free in the case of you fellow celiacs. At times I had only slight cross contamination, this worked instantly. The times it was a little more I got put right in under two hours. As you are aware that is way better than what could have been.

Now, on to some great sites!

save on GF bread!


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